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Powered by people, Alumnifire transforms dispersed networks into exclusive communities. With engaged members, open doors, and unique value, Alumnifire turns your network’s noise into signal.

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Grassroots Power

Members like you have activated over 840 communities on Alumnifire. Get started with yours.
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Alumnifire is a turn-key platform for outcomes. We harness the power of grassroots engagement to drive opportunities and measurable results.

Grassroots engagement

Alumnifire is powered by your alumni, not a service contract. Members can sign up using their existing social media accounts and can immediately choose how they can best help and how often they can do it. Authentic action sparks lifetime engagement.

Intuitive & lightweight

Alumnifire is a simple, turn-key platform that can be activated in hours. We require no technical integration and minimal staff. Alumnifire offers both free and paid tools for our partners.

Unparalleled data & tools

Alumnifire offers robust resources to help administrative leaders drive engagement and measure outcomes from their communities.

Secure and accessible

Alumnifire is best-in-class when it comes to security and accessibility. Our platform was built by Alumnifire engineers and we do not offshore or outsource any software development. We also do not need to access our partners' databases.

Focused on our partners

Over 95% of Alumnifire partners were referred by other partners and members. Instead of cold-calling communities, we focus on making our partners and members more successful.

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  • Colleges & Universities
  • High Schools
  • Companies
  • Non-profits
  • Summer Camps
  • Faith-based Communities
  • Fraternities & Sororities
  • Clubs
  • And more…

Jobs & internships

Alumnifire takes existing job tools to the next level. Beyond job postings, Alumnifire automatically surfaces available jobs at employers where alumni work.

Advice & mentorship

There's no such thing as a cold call on Alumnifire. Every Alumnifire member is raising their hand to help YOU! Alumnifire makes it easy to find the right people based on your needs, background, and interests.

Qualified candidates

From recruiting entry-level graduates to finding your next CEO, Alumnifire makes it easy to connect talented members of your network with real-world opportunities.

Events & discussions

Search for and post events, discussions, news, and more. Alumnifire's community tools make it easy to find out what's happening or get the word out.

Special offers for members

You're a member of an excusive network and membership has its privileges. Alumnifire makes finding and sharing community perks and offers easy.

Alumnifire is free for all members, and it takes just a minute to sign up. Join using LinkedIn, Facebook, or email.
Alumnifire is powered by members who want to grow the value of their network.
High impact
There's no such thing as a cold call on Alumnifire. Every member is an open door in the real world.
Over 840 communities have been activated on Alumnifire, ranging from small groups to large universities. Sign up for yours today or submit a request for us to create a new community that you're a part of!